Columnist CJ LaCava
(Born in NJ and now in the UK)

Tour 2000 Moves On, LA Night Arrives from CC
Posted on April 15, 2000 @ 11:00PM GMT

It has been ages since my last column. I've been working in Paris since 2000 began. While living here for three months has been amazing for me and my wife, my work has really overtaken me during my stay here. Paris is a beautiful city and the food here is TO DIE FOR (I've gained 10 pounds). However, I'm heading back to the UK next week and hopefully I'll get to stay there for the majority of 2000.

There is so much going on now. The 2000 tour is now getting very interesting. The setlist and reports from Saint Louis are very encouraging. I am counting down the days until the New York MSG stand. I'm bringing my mother, father, wife, sister, and step-mother to the shows there - I want to share this experience! It'll be my sister's and mother's first show. Mom's very excited. I was very glad to see that Atlanta got their two shows scheduled finally. I wonder if any more shows will be added to the list in May. Springsteen's management has made it clear that July 1 is the last show of the tour.

CC's LA Night is now available. I'm listening to it now and I write this (thanks to Bernard). It's based around the October 23, 1999, show in LA - and what a show it was. The setlist is a dream and the performance is equally impressive. The show starts with off with an onslaught of six, high-energy tunes before we get to Factory and Independence Day. After the core of the show, the audience is hit with Incident, For You, and The Promise. The sound on LA Night is very good - but not as impressive as the Stockholm shows. The bonus tracks aren't bad either: Growin Up, Santa, Sinoloa Cowboys, and others. I love this boot. Thank you CC.

And the boots from 1999 just keep on coming. Scorpio has given us an ALD rare ALD recording from Minneapolis called The Last Show of the Century. There is now an Oakland ALD show circulating as well. There are many armature 2000 show boots around now. I just got both of the Denver shows (thank you, David), and I haven't had the time to listen to them yet. Many people have asked me about the Saint Louis show - so far I have heard nothing. Stay tuned. So far, none of the professional boot mixers/distributors have announced anything from the 2000 tour. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

A lot of people ask me what I hope to hear during the MSG stand. Of course I have some favorites in mind: No Surrender, Ramrod, For You, etc. However, my absolute favorite live show experience actually happens during all of the 1999 and 2000 tour dates. When the band begins to belt out Badlands right after Murder Inc. - and I get to hear the crowd literally explode. It brings a tear to my eye every time. The boots that capture this moment are my favorites - the crowd reaction often makes the moment for me.

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