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The MIB Speaks to a Boston Fan
Posted on August 24, 1999 @ 8:00PM GMT

There is a very interesting post in RMAS that talks about a fan in Boston chatting to a MIB. If you don't know, the MIB is the Man in Black who walks around the nose bleed seats before each show and upgrades fans to the very front rows. Some shows in NJ there were entire rows on people upgraded. The MIB usually does not wear black.

This fan was not upgraded (his seats were already too good), but he did get to chat with the MIB for a while and this is what he says the MIB had to say: (apparently he works specifically for Jon Landau & Barbara Carr)

1. "Bruce was glad to get out of NJ by the 15th show." When asked is the requests from the audience (Rosie Signs) had anything to do with it and the MIB nodded. He added that 15 dates in one venue is a lot of pressure for anyone. He also said that Bruce and the tour sound crew did not like the sound at the Continental Area and that the Fleet Center in Boston was much better for concerts.

2. Bruce has been playing a lot of the oldies during the sound checks. When asked if we'd hear Incident in Boston, the MIB replied, "You never know." He also said don't be surprised if No Surrender and NYC Serenade show up in Boston setlists.

3. The stories about Bruceís injured hand were overblown. He had a slight injury two weeks ago, but back to 100% again now. The MIB also added, ". . .donít worry about the toothache stories either. . ." (not that I've heard any of these stories).

4. Finally, there will be a tour in 2000 and a New Year's Eve show in NJ. The logistics havenít been worked out yet, but it is in the works.

Wow. Now how do I get to NJ for the Y2K Bruce show?

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