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Vienna, April 24, 1999
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Posted on June 17, 1999 @ 10:00PM GMT

I just came home from the concert in Vienna and it was great! So all you people out there who say that this tour is just a "Greatest Hits", that's not true. He doesn't play his best known songs. (His best known songs does not mean, his best songs!) The setlist was great!

At the beginning of the concert the sound was really awful! I stood about twenty meters away from the stage directly in the middle. First I thought that if it will go on like this it was not really worth coming. You couldn't hear the guitars and you couldn't understand Bruce's singing. You couldn't understand him. But I have to say that the sound quality improved very much! At the end of the concert it was great! I guess they mixed a lot while the show was in progress!

I liked all of the songs which were performed but I especially liked: Rendezvous, Darkness On The Edge Of town, The River, Murder Inc., Dollhouse, The Ghost Of Tom Joad, Hungry Heart and Born To Run!

When they performed Rendezvous Bruce was singing together with Steve Van Zandt and They just couldn't stop singing : "I wanna rende, I wanna rende, I wanna rende," ... Bruce had to start laughing then.

When they played Born To Run, they switched the hall lights all on and it was such a great feeling to see the sold out hall all standing clapping and singing! It was a great atmosphere to be in!

The new version of The River is sooo beautiful! But a part of the crowd had this strange idea to clap very enthusiastically together with the quiet part of the song and that was just awful! Its not a song to be loud during. It's a song to just listen to and to enjoy! Bruce tried to give those people a sign while singing but they didn't really understand what he meant

A very funny point to mention too: When Bruce presented the E Street Band he talked about the city of Mozart (Vienna) and he compared his pianist Roy Bittan with Mozart very much. Afterwards Roy Bittan performed something classical, but it was the "Danubewaltz" and that one is not from Wolfgang Mozart but from Johann Strauss!!! Bad luck isn't it? I'm not sure if he noticed that.

I also have to say that Nils Lofgren is a bloody good guitar player! And Clarence was so cool! He was even singing - he has got a great voice!

So now everything is over and I can honestly say that it was a damn good concert!!! I've got a tour T-shirt and I can just hope that this was not the last time I saw them!

Written by Martin Fuchs