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Las Vegas, NV, May 27, 2000
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Posted on June 4, 2000 @ 10:00AM GMT

There are situations in life, when you think, that every little thing, each struggle, each failure, each betrayal and each loss has got it's meaning. The meaning to lead you to a specific place, at a specific time, for it's very own reasons.

You have to know, since the last summer I tried to get a trip together for a Bruce show of the US part of the tour. Several attempts failed. The gracious Jane in Pittsburgh offered me tickets for Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, but I wasn't able to go there because my private life was a wreck. A lot of things happened which made that dream impossible, a lot of reasons made me not want to believe in anything, at least in that dream. But somewhere around the 5th April and I scored two tickets: nosebleeds behind the stage, for the MGM Grand Garden down in Las Vegas, NV.

To make a long story short... I called my friend in Leipzig and told her that she should prepare herself for a long journey. It's been an easy thing to book to flights to Vegas, not so easy to check a hotel (Memorial Day Weekend), but finally we ended up in a truck-stop motel right behind the strip with a fabulous view.

On Wednesday the trip started: leaving home at 3:30 AM, catching the flight in Frankfurt at 8:30, then to Chicago, Denver, and finally Las Vegas.

After a few days of play and sightseeing, it was time for the show. We checked the will call booth at the MGM Hotel early and we got our tickets: section 222U row G. We were on the right side of the stage. Not really bad because only a few meters away from the stage, but not really good since we were so high up above the band. We felt lucky though because there was an unbelievable long line in front of the counter: a lot of people desperately hoping for tickets...

We sat there for a few minutes, not talking and just holding hands. Taking really deep breaths - just looking at the view we had on the large arena. Then a man in shorts called us to come down the steps. I stared at him for a minute because I've read all the MIB stories on the Luckytown Digest. I just told Alex to come with me and flew down the nine rows to meet him. The guy asked "Are these your seats ?" and I said "Yes, they are!" I was very nervous. He told us to follow him out of the arena. Alex had no idea what this guy wants, but I just took her hand. Behind the doors, the man took our tickets, and said: "You're go to sit in the front row tonight." Alex cried and I had wet eyes in the very same second. I was unable to say anything, just "Thank you. Thank you and give my regards to Bruce." and then the man disappears. We stood there with two wristbands on our right arms and tickets for ROW A, SEAT 10 and 11.

I embraced Alex for at least 2 minutes, and we both started crying just for our luck. My knees were fading and my breath stopped. I had thoughts on everything and nothing. What has happened the month before in my life was instantly lifted from my shoulders. This was every dream I've ever had come true. We were dead center, front row right in front of Bruce

We grabbed a drink outside and then we sat there until the lights go out, unable to talk much, just thinking about what had just happened to us.

Bruce entered the stage, standing with his back to the crowd wearing a "Viva Las Vegas" coat. They kicked into a great rocking version of the song and set the mood for the night. I never have seen Elvis, but Bruce on his very first show ever in Las Vegas, he was shouting and dancing right in front of me - maybe I have seen I've seen the real king now.

This was followed by Prove it all Night. Two Hearts (where my voice get lost somewhere on the line "Someday these childish dreams must end . . ." It was like he was singing right to us. Then came "Be True. The 1st time I ever heard that song live.

Darlington County - Party in the house. "Sha la la..." Alex went nuts... and started heavily flirting with Silvio and it seemed he liked it very much.

Atlantic City - I sat down and took my head in my hands. "Everything dies baby... that's a fact." The crowd was singing along in just the right mood. I sat there just thinking that he may never have been more right with the line "Meet me tonight..."

The River - That's my song, because it's been the very fist song I've ever heard from Bruce - back in 1980 the live version from the NO Nukes Record. Sometimes this line "Is a dream a lie, if it don't comes true, or is it something worse..." was the essential Springsteen for me - but that night, with that song, I just cried and tried to sing along.

Youngstown, Murder Inc., Badlands, Out in the Street - The killer rocking package. I was able to see every single accord the three guitar gods were doing. They burned down the crowd.

Roll of the Dice - Sure this song had to be played in Vegas. A lot of fuzzy dice came flinging on to the stage. The song was excellent and at the end Bruce picked up the biggest pair on stage and rolled them. I think he rolled a 4.

During Born in the USA: what a feeling to hear that song in that version to be played in the USA just before Memorial Day. He changed a line to "25 years burning down the road . . ."

I Can't Help Falling in Love - what a wonderful surprise for the crowd.

Light of Day was Wayne Newtonized and fun. Then the barrier broke and the people were heading to the stage. I secured Alex and then we found ourselves dancing with our arms above the stage. I felt a little insecure, but that was nothing in comparison to the same situation somewhere in Germany - and we had my very own MGM bodyguard named Dan right beside us.

Then to the first encore: Luckytown - "Tonight I'm steppin' lightly and feelin' no pain , Well here's to your good looks baby now here's to my health, Here's to the loaded places that we take ourselves, When it comes to luck you make your own. I'm gonna lose these blues I've found Down in Lucky Town." I can not imagine a place or a time where this song would fit more. The band hits the roof and Silvio went nuts with Patty singing along.

Bobby Jean - "Well if you do you'll know I'm thinking of you and all the miles in between." We waved along... and I just thought, that it's been for sure the very best decision of my life, to leave all the things behind and make that trip to Vegas.

Thunder Road: It's been played so much, but there is still so much power in it. You can see in his eyes, that the songs still has a big meaning for Bruce

If I should fall behind - ... Ok... Alex would be the last woman who would marry me... but you know... she is a very special person... and a very special song. I was purely impressed about Steve and Clarence... You can SEE how they feel about the song...

Then we get Ramrod and the whole area goes nuts - completely out of control and beautiful. Bruce left the stage and came around to Patti's side were there were no seats. While leaving Steve announced that "the Boss has left the Building". He jumped onto a case and then finally back onto the stage again to do the somersault. The crowd was up for grabs and I myself got lost somewhere.

The show was over. The band was taking their final bows. The crowd was all on their feet screaming. Bruce said "give me that guitar back" and proceeded to do "Viva Las Vegas" all over again. The band couldn't believe it - but managed to get back and join in.

What a show - it was finally over.

Alex and I were just standing there for some minutes. We left the arena without our feet touching the ground. The night was hot and we were just standing on the balcony, looking over to the back of the Las Vegas Strip, to the desert, and the sky above. We could not sleep much that night.

Thank you, Bruce, from Selm, Germany.

Written by Nick