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East Rutherford, NJ, August 7, 1999
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Posted on August 8, 1999 @ 5:00PM GMT

A very energetic E-Street Band backed a slightly wounded Bruce Springsteen at last night's show at the Continental Airlines Arena in NJ. However, a slight hand injury from the previous show did not stop Bruce from giving his classic anthems new life at the sold-out arena. It was all I could do myself to keep up singing along, dancing, and keeping pace with explosive sounds from onstage.

The crowed was presented with 23 songs during the 2 1/2-hour show (which time-wise is a little shorter than usual for Springsteen this tour). Bruce's catalog has grown so much over the years it would take over ten hours to satisfy every fan. Many fans find themselves wanting more after the show ends. Many fans are going to more than one of the 15 shows Bruce is performing in NJ this summer.

The band had as much energy as it always had in the past. It seemed that they had not missed a step over their 10-year hiatus. In fact the members of the E - Street Band were able to display their diverse talents by adding to the lead vocals, one at a time, during a wonderful version of If I Should Fall Behind.

Bruce should be given credit for the performance he gave last night. He was obviously tired and in some pain from the hand injury. But that did not stop him from giving his all. The show was a little rushed in some parts (Tenth Avenue Freeze-out band introductions, Out in the Street sing-along), but the overall show was still top-notch.

The setlist covered his best artistic albums as well (Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River) - but failed to cover anything from his first two releases.

Also covered were a few surprises from the recently released Tracks box set such as Janey Don't You Lose Heart and Don't Look Back. Many of the true fans at the show were delighted to hear these seldom played gems from Bruce's back catalog.

After seeing this show, it is obvious to me that Bruce and the band have enough momentum to add another lifetime to their glory days of the past. All one has to do is take a look around the arena during Born to Run - it is obvious no one in the house is tired of rocking along with Bruce and the band.

Written by Carl