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Philadelphia, PA, September 15, 1999
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Posted on September 19, 1999 @ 2:00PM GMT

This was my first Bruce concert!

My wife and son have been to several concerts and have always promised my addiction would be immediate.

And it was! Sign me up! I have to tell you of my first impressions:

The crowd was mostly those of the 60's and 70's youth who were reliving their party days. It was like time travel back to the 60's when I noticed Bruce's pegged pants and sideburns. Clarence was an awesome presence as promised, and Patty was a pleasant foxy surprise. She was the woman on stage was pretty, slinky, and had many adoring glances for The Boss.

The vocals were hard to decipher since I have never really listened to any of his songs. I have to advise anyone like me to review his music for a week in advance, else you may only hear the the words "Yeah, baby, born, and run". But, it really doesn't matter since the music and his antics make the show.

The crowd and Bruce were a magic attraction. Both fed on each other - song after song while we were always on our feet. An especially unforgettable moment was during the encore. When Born to Run was belted out, the house lights came up, and the crowd and the band seemed to be sharing a moment of Rock and Roll perfection.

Looking forward to my next show.

Written by Joe LaCava (AKA CJ's Father)