The E Street Band Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
On 10 April 2014, Bruce Springsteen inducted The E Street Band into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame including members Vini Lopez and David Sancious. Here is Bruce's induction speech.

Old School Nils Lofgren SPL Interview
In a wide-ranging interview with the Stone Pony London (SPL) website, E Street Band member Nils Lofgren -- the man Bruce Springsteen calls “the greatest guitarist in rock and roll” – discussed everything from opening for Jimi Hendrix to the devastating loss of Clarence Clemons last year. SPL founder Craig J. LaCava (CJ) and Steve Collins (TD) were able to spend 45 minutes with Nils on 13 Jan 2012.

The SPL Live Collection
The SPL is alive and well due to the bootleg trading that goes on between our masses of dedicated fans. From this bootleg aficionado status comes the SPL Live Collection - a collection of the best of the best boots from each of Springsteen's studio releases. These collections are not for sale, but can be found and traded for out in the wild. Get all of the information you need here.

Nils Lofgren Interview at the SPL
SPL member Marshall Terrill bring us an interview with The Godfather of the Guitar, Nils Lofgren. Nils talks at length about his career, working with Neil Young, Ringo Star and of course, Bruce Springsteen. Nils provides us with insights on working with the E Street Band and his newest album.

What a Long Strange Trip We're On
Get a quick history lesson with this a layout of Bruce Springsteen's career and lifetime milestones. The best part is that we're far from the end of the story.

London, Hammersmith Odeon, 1975
Guest columnist Pearse Guina takes us back to London in 1975 when he witnessed Bruce's first two shows in Europe. Bruce called these shows some of the worst he's ever done. I don't think the UK fans see it that way.

Meeting at the Dorchester
I met Bruce in London at the Dorchester Hotel back in 1999 while I lived in London. Read all about my close encounter with The Boss and Patti. The next day, I was also able to meet most of the E Street Band as well.

Road Trip: New Jersey to Fargo, ND
Guest columnist Frank Matturri talks about his 1999 trip from New Jersey to Fargo with the E Street Band. Well, it's not exactly a road trip since they all took a flight.

Beautiful Reward
Read Bono's Speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where he inducted Bruce Springsteen in 1999. Bruce's own induction speech is also available. A very interesting read.